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Original Drawings
Ink on paper, 2016 - 2020

The Cosmic Child
Ink on Paper 2017

A 15” x 20” original piece inspired by 1960’s Star Trek, Gucci’s Fall ‘17 Collection and the Cosmos.

El Cardon Gigante
Ink on Paper 2017

An original 15” x 20” piece Inspired by my recent trip to Mexico and the gorgeous Hotel San Cristóbal in Baja California.

The Unicorn is Found
Ink on Paper 2017

A 15” X 20” original piece inspired by my time spent relaxing in Washington Square Park NYC and an homage to the medieval tapestries at the Cloisters.

Fish’s Moving Castle
12” x 16” Ink on Paper 2017

My contribution to the upcoming art show tribute to the films of Hayao Miyazaki.

Weight of the World
12” x 16” Ink on Paper 2017

Inspired by 16th century world maps and the current political climate.

In Dreams
A Limited Edition Screen Print 2016

This body of work is a personal exploration of the nature of dreams. How our dreams help us gain insight into our selves, our future, and our surroundings. The mystery of the mind is a powerful one. The artist translates the Major Arcana through her own lens, with densely ornate ink drawings, depicting romantic and classical forms of nature and the spiritual world. 

Photo by Samantha Brancato

The Queen Bee
A Limited Edition Letterpress Print 2016

This is a limited edition of 100  letterpress prints that I created with The Aesthetic Union Letterpress Shop in San Francisco.

Year of the Rooster
Ink on Paper 2017

For courage, loyalty, and confidence.

All images ©Jayde Cardinalli 2022 — Los Angeles, California