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Natural Habitat

An Installation at Spoke Art Gallery NYC 2018

This exhibit referenced memories of my past as well as stories of adventures that I’ve taken along the way. My grandmother was an embroiderer and quilt maker, and instilled a deep appreciation for intricate detail. This influence is readily apparent in recent work with ink drawings using meticulous line work to create complex cage like animals and structures. Stylized environments appear to be from an alternate realm full of surreal adventures featuring unicorns, aliens and elaborate fashion.

Artificial Fruit
Ink on paper

Custom Jungle Wallpaper Design

Lion’s Breath
Hand carved teak incense burner Design

See the incense burner in action

The Fountain
Ink on paper

Mrs. Fish Chair
Hand carved Teak Design

Mrs. Fish Chair in exhibit space
Hand carved Teak

The Hare
Ink on paper

The Arrow
Ink on paper

The Wand
Ink on paper

The Garden
Ink on paper

Hand Carved Teak Frames in exhibit space

The Pearrot
Ink on paper

Strang Thing no.11
Ink on paper

The Butterfly Fish
Ink on paper

Ink on paper
The Island
Ink on paper

Angry Lion Rug
Custom wool tapestry

The Fish Bag
Acrylic on custom leather bag

Jungle Jammies
One of a kind cotton pajamas with Jungle print


All images ©Jayde Fish 2019 — San Francisco, California